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ASA Validation Review Guidelines

How to verify my ASA on the Pera Wallet?

To get an ASA verified, you can use Pera's automated verification system. Applications can be submitted on the verification portal:

Please note that we are not verifying NFTs at this point and verification badges won't be shown next to NFT assets.

Verification Tiers

We've updated our verification tiers to streamline the process and ensure clarity within the Algorand ecosystem:

Verified: This tier is for ASAs that have successfully passed through our automated verification system. A 'Verified' badge signifies that the asset adheres to our standards of transparency and trust.
Unverified: ASAs that have not undergone or passed the verification process are classified as 'Unverified'. These assets do not display a verification badge, indicating that they have not been vetted by our system.
Suspicious: Any ASA involved in questionable activities, such as scams or rug pulls, is flagged as 'Suspicious'. This status alerts users to potential risks associated with the asset.

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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