Pera Swap: Swapping with Vestige

Pera Wallet now supports natively swapping within the mobile application, without having to navigate to any DEX! To use this feature, tap the "Swap" button on your Pera Wallet home screen, or from within a specific account.

On the main Swap screen, start by selecting the asset you would like to swap from and the one you would like to swap to. Please note that the list of assets that you can swap to will be determined by the "from" asset. So if you are swapping from an asset other than Algo, make sure to change the "from" asset first. This is because the assets are determined by the presence of eligible pools on AMMs like Tinyman, Humbleswap or Pact.

Once you have both assets selected, it's time to set how much you would like to swap in the "from" asset denomination. You can input the amount directly, use the "Max" button to swap the whole balance, or tap the percentage button to easily select a specific percentage of your balance (i.e. 25% of available balance).

Pera Wallet will automatically calculate the swap quote, based on your input amount and current pool conditions. You will immediately see the amount of "to" asset you will receive at the end of the swap.

Once you are happy with the swap quote, tap the Swap button to move forward to the Confirm Swap screen. On this screen, you can see more information on the quote, including some advanced features such as Slippage Tolerance. Every feature is explained in the interface, through the help tooltips.

What are Pera fees?

Pera Wallet charges a small convenience fee for every swap initiated through the app. This revenue is an important part of our strategy to keep Pera sustainable and continue supporting the development of the wallet.

How are Pera fees calculated?

Pera Swap convenience fee is currently calculated as 0.8% of the transacted token value, converted to Algo and charged to the same account's Algo balance. Depending on market conditions, we will modify this percentage over time to stay around the same value. We are also offering discounts on this fee for various NFT holders, such as Pera Governance NFTs.

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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