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Sending a Transaction with Ledger

Sending a Transaction with Ledger

Background info:

If you haven't already gone through the Sending a Basic Transaction tutorial, we recommend doing that first, as this will be a less-detailed overview of the process, focusing on where the Ledger Nano X is required.

Additionally, as the name implies, this is a tutorial for sending a transaction for an account that is backed by a Ledger device.

Signing and Sending a Transaction with your Ledger Nano X

Begin by locating the Ledger-backed account from which you'd like to send a transaction. For this tutorial, we'll be sending from an account creatively called "My Nano X Account."

From your account view, tap Send to begin sending a transaction.
Fill out the required transaction fields as any other transaction.

In preparation for signing the transaction with your Ledger, you'll want to turn you Ledger Nano X on and open the Algorand app on the Ledger device. Once you've done so, you can tap Preview and Sign with Ledger (fig. 2)

If the connection is successful, Algorand Wallet will send the transaction over to the Ledger to be signed (fig. 3). You'll see prompts on the Nano X screen to scroll through the transaction, confirming the fields are correct. Once you've verified the transaction, confirm it on the Nano X. This will send the transaction back to Algorand Wallet, where it's ready to be sent to the network.

This is where you'll review the transaction on your Ledger device.

Once you've sent the signed transaction back to the Algorand Wallet, tap Send.

That's it! On the following screen, you'll see the transaction being sent to the network. After a couple of seconds, the transaction will complete.

Additional Info:

During workflows that require a Ledger connection, there may be times when the workflow times out. This is normal behavior, and we'll give you a helpful message to let you know what went wrong. It'll look something like Figure 5. You'll always be able to preview transactions before sending.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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