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Transacting FAQs

Transaction FAQs

I sent assets to the wrong address, can you help get it back?

Unfortunately, as is with most blockchains and cryptocurrencies, transactions on the Algorand blockchain are final and irreversible. No one (including Algorand employees) can reverse a transaction. The only way to potentially recover those transactions would be to ask the recipient if they can send those assets back to you.

If you think you've sent your assets to a wrong address that is owned by an exchange or application, you should reach out to that exchange/app to see if there's a possibility of recovering your unintentionally sent assets.

I sent Algos from an exchange to one of my Algorand Wallet accounts, but I don't see them yet, what happened?

There might be a couple of explanations for this:

While transactions on the Algorand Blockchain complete in under 5 seconds, each exchange handles transactions differently. There might be delays in whatever mechanism they use to send transactions. If you don't see your assets several hours (or days) after you sent it, consider reaching out to that specific exchange.
It's possible that you sent your Algos to the wrong address which potentially means those Algos are lost. To make sure you're sending to the correct address in the future, check our tutorial on finding your account's address.

Updated on: 15/02/2022

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