Pera Web Wallet

Pera Web Wallet is a non-custodial browser-based wallet for buying, sending and storing crypto on the Algorand blockchain.

Pera Web allows you to manage Algorand accounts from the browser by encrypting the accounts' private keys locally on your device. This means your Web Wallet only exists on the specific browser you create it on (eg. Safari, Chrome), on the specific device (eg. laptop, desktop computer) you create it on.

You do not provide any identifying credentials (eg. a username or an email address) when creating a Pera Web Wallet - instead, you will be asked to create a "passcode". This is like the password you might use to log in to your computer or laptop, or like the passcode you use to unlock your phone. The passcode is not known to anything other than the device and browser you create it on - it cannot unlock your Web Wallet on a different computer, a friend's laptop, or even in a different browser.

This is the same behaviour as the Pera Wallet Mobile App: neither your phone passcode or your Pera Mobile-specific passcode would unlock your wallet on a friend's phone. Equally, if you get a new phone one day, you will find that the Pera Mobile App does not automatically know who you are, or recover your accounts automatically. Your phone or Pera Mobile passcodes do not contain the information required to recover your Algorand accounts. This behaviour is the same on Web. Your Web Wallet exists only on the browser and device it was created on.

Note: There is no syncing between Pera Web and Pera Mobile. Accounts you import and create on Pera Web will not be added to your Pera Mobile or vice versa automatically. They can be imported and exported between the two using Algorand Secure Backup or the Pera Import/Export features.

Follow this quick-start guide to get started securely with Algorand and Pera Web:
Get familiar with how Algorand and the blockchain works. You should be comfortable with the basic concepts of blockchain, what your account is and how your keys are stored because Pera is a non-custodial wallet, meaning we cannot help you if you lose access to your accounts. In the decentralized world, the responsibility lies with you (not a bank, or any other entity!).

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Updated on: 24/04/2023

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