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Removing an Asset

How can I remove an asset?


Pera Wallet supports all Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs). Assets can be added and removed within any Algorand account. At times, it may be beneficial to remove an asset from your account if you want to ensure that you can't receive any more of that asset.

By the end of this tutorial, we'll have removed an asset from our account.

Before starting, make sure to have:
✅ A Pera Wallet account with an asset that you’d like to remove.
✅ The balance of that asset is 0. If you’d like to remove an asset, but the its' balance is not zero, you’ll first need to make a transaction and send that amount to another account. See this tutorial for making transactions.

Step by Step Guide:


▪️ step 1: Find the asset you'd like to remove.
▪️ step 2: Remove the asset.
▪️ step 3: Verify and confirm.

Visual Guide:

Open the Pera Wallet app and tap to the account where you you'd like to remove an asset.

Tap the 3 dots next to the account.

From the list of options, select 'Manage Assets'.

Find the asset you'd like to remove and tap 'Remove'.

After verifying that you'd like to remove the asset, it might take a few seconds for your account to reflect the change. You may need to refresh your app to see that the asset has been removed.

Before removing an asset, verify that the asset ID belongs to the asset you would like to remove and that it's the asset you want to remove. Once you're sure of your choice, tap 'Proceed'.

Now the App will redirect you to the account, you should now see that the asset is removed.

We’ve successfully removed an asset from our wallet!

Additional Note

It’s important to remember that by removing an asset, you agree that you will not be able to transact with that asset. This means that if you remove USDC from your wallet, you will not be able to receive or send any USDC. If you've removed the asset but find that you need it again, you can always add it back!

Updated on: 21/11/2022

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