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Sending an NFT to your Pera Wallet account

Now that Pera Wallet supports NFTs, we noticed that a lot of our community members are trying to send their NFTs from their My Algo wallets to their Pera Wallet accounts. There are two easy ways of doing this, and we will highlight them both in this How To article.

1. Just Import Your Account

Instead of transferring your NFTs, you could simply import the same account into Pera Wallet. Don't worry, you can continue using the same account across two different wallets without issues! This is the beauty of blockchain, you can use the same account across many different wallets without interoperability problems.

To do this, simply select Add Account within Pera Wallet and move forward with "I already have an account" and then "Recover an account". Enter your 25-word passphrase and your assets and NFTs will automatically sync into your Pera Wallet right away.

Don't have your passphrase recorded anywhere? That's a really bad idea, especially if you have assets in your account. If you have your account on My Algo, you can view your passphrase by clicking on the three dots next to your account in the list, then selecting Export Account. Now make sure to record your passphrase in a safe location, and then import your account into Pera Wallet using the steps above.

Export your account from My Algo

2. Send an NFT

Another option is to transfer the NFTs you would like to see in Pera Wallet one by one. Before you do this, you need to make sure that your new account has already opted in to all the NFT ASA IDs properly, otherwise you can't receive them. In Pera Wallet, navigate to the Collectibles section and select "Receive NFT" or the plus icon in the top right corner of the screen. Then paste the ASA ID of the NFT you would like to receive.

Not sure about the ASA ID? You can see this right under the NFT name on the assets list in My Algo:

ASA ID is right under

Once you are opted in, you can go ahead and send the NFT to your account from My Algo or any other wallet. There is one trick with this, you need to make sure that the full balance of the NFT is sent, otherwise it won't be properly transferred. For most NFTs, the Max amount would be 1 (one). You can just click the Max button to ensure it's all sent over:

Make sure to click MAX

And that's it! Once you insert your Pera Wallet account address and send, your NFT will pop up in your Collectibles section.

Updated on: 18/04/2022

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