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Resolving WalletConnect Issues

Unfortunately there are several known issues related to WalletConnect that our team is working on. Some of these issues are related to the WalletConnect JavaScript implementation on the dApp side. Even though these are not problems with our iOS and Android apps, we are working with ecosystem partners to try and solve the implementation issues on their side so our users can have a smoother experience using Pera Wallet.

This article offers some workarounds to most common problems we've seen based on incoming support requests and our internal testing.

Resetting WalletConnect Sessions

The most common case with WalletConnect problems is stale sessions that need to be cleared out. Whenever you experience a WalletConnect problem, we recommend disconnecting all active WalletConnect sessions. You can easily do this by navigating to Settings > WalletConnect Sessions > Disconnect All Sessions. After doing this, make sure to reload the browser tab where you loaded the dApp as well, and try connecting again.

Issues Connecting on iOS with Mobile Safari

One of the most common problems with WalletConnect happens on iOS devices, when using a dApp such as AlgoFi, Tinyman, Yieldly, Algogems and attempting to connect on Mobile Safari. After a successful connection, when you return to Safari to use the dApp, WalletConnect socket connection fails and you get stuck.

After detailed investigation, we found that this is because of a Safari bug Apple introduced with iOS 15. You can resolve this issue by disabling "NSURLSession WebSocket" under System Settings on iOS:

Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features > NSURLSession WebSocket

Once you disable this feature and try again, things should work more smoothly.

Issues Connecting with QR Code

We've also received reports of multiple failed attempts using QR codes or in some cases on mobile as well. As a general rule, when you are experiencing connection problems with WalletConnect, you should clear out all existing WalletConnect sessions from Pera Wallet. You can do this by navigating to Settings > WalletConnect Sessions. Here, you can see all active connections and you can tap on the three dots next to each connection to disconnect it.

We recommend removing all connections before trying again. In most cases this will resolve connectivity issues.

Resetting Local WalletConnect Cache

A common issue with WalletConnect is getting stuck to a bridge that doesn't function well. To resolve this issue, you need to reset your local storage on the web browser that you are using for the dApp. You can follow this step by step article to remove local storage for a specific website.

Once you reset your local storage, reload the dApp website and attempt to connect again.

Updated on: 22/11/2022

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