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Unable to Connect my wallet to Governance | WalletConnect

User Case | Unable to connect my Wallet to Governance

If you're trying to connect your wallet to the Governance and do not succeed, please follow these steps.

Disconnect your wallet from the governance page

To do so, follow this link:
Then click on the wallet address displayed on the top right of the governance page. The button should be displaying your wallet address. (If you do not see the wallet address but a "Connect Wallet" button it means that your wallet is not connected to the governance yet, you can directly jump to the "Connect your wallet tutorial available below)

1 - Click on the wallet address number like on the image below

2 - Click on the disconnect button like on the image below

(Re) Connect your wallet to the Governance
To connect your wallet to the Governance you should follow the tutorial below, open your web browser and go to the governance website using your desktop . This tutorial is the official governance tutorial, the Governance is a third-party and is not related to the official Algorand wallet.

To connect your wallet to the governance, you must follow carefully the below steps:

Step 1 - Click on the Connect Wallet Button


Step 2 - Select the Algorand Wallet

2 - Select the Algorand Wallet

Step 3 - Scan the QR Code using your Algorand mobile app Wallet Connect feature

3 -

4 - A pop-up will appears on the web browser, you need to click on the Algorand Wallet button

4 -

5- Go back on your mobile wallet, you will need to confirm you want to connect your wallet to the Governance. You need to select the wallet you want to connect and click the "Connect button".

6 - Reopen your web browser on the Governance page and select your account by clicking on the "Use" button


7 - Commit Algos: from the governance web browser click on the commit Algos button like on the image below


8 - Stay on the Governance web browser a new screen will be displayed, you'll need to write the amount of Algos you would like to commit for the new governance period. Once you've written the amount of Algos, then click on Commit Algos button

9 - Now, you need to go back to the mobile Wallet application, after few seconds the app will display a screen where you will need to validate the transaction. This transaction is mandatory to register to the governance. You must agree and validate the transaction to finish your registration to the new governance period.


Congratulation, by following these steps your wallet should be successfully connected to the Governance.

10 - To be sure your wallet is connected to the governance, open the governance page on your web browser (mobile or desktop browser depending on which one you've been using to register to the governance). Verify if your wallet address is displayed on the top right corner and if you see the text "eligible". If you see it, it means you are successfully connected to the governance.

For any other question related to the governance, make sure to contact the Algorand Foundation:

The Governance program is managed by the Algorand Foundation, and the Algorand Wallet merely facilitates connecting to the site. If you have issues with the governance site, rewards, transaction fees, or any question related to the Governance program you'll need to reach out to them directly.

Updated on: 14/02/2022

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