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Create a New Algorand Account on Pera Wallet

Before You Begin

Make sure you are familiar with Algorand and the concept of Algorand Accounts. Key points:
Pera Wallet is a container for your Algorand Accounts
Pera Wallet allows you to create and manage Algorand Accounts, but the accounts exist on the blockchain, not "on Pera"
Pera Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. Any accounts created using Pera remain your responsibility and Pera cannot help you if you lose access to your accounts.

If you already have an account on the Algorand Blockchain, follow our Recover or Import an Algorand Account tutorial instead.

Creating a new Algorand Account on Pera Mobile

If you are brand new to Pera, select "I want to create an account", then select "Create a new account":

If you already have Algorand Accounts in your Pera Wallet, instead click the plus symbol at the top of your accounts list on Home Screen:

Follow the steps to view and store your recovery passphrase. Consult Backing Up Your Recovery Passphrase for more details. You'll need to store it during this process as you will be asked to prove you know it by providing a few of the words at specific positions.

Name your account. This name is more like a nickname and it only applies on your phone - it will never be used on the blockchain or on any other wallet or website.

You will now be prompted to set up security features such as a PIN Code or Biometric Authentication. We recommend enabling all the security features available for your device. Please note that if you create a Pera PIN Code, this does nothing beyond managing access to the app on your phone. It has no relationship with other devices and cannot be used to backup or transfer your accounts if they are lost.

Your new account is ready to use in your Pera Wallet, visible in your Home Screen. You can now fund it using the Buy/Sell button, or explore the rest of the Algorand ecosystem via the Discover tab.

Creating a new Algorand Account on Pera Web

If you have not used Pera Web on your current browser (eg. Chrome) and device (eg. your Macbook) before, you will see the following screen - select Create Account:

Before you can create your Algorand Account, you need to set a passcode for your Pera Web Wallet. We recommend reading the Introduction to Pera Web Wallet to ensure you understand what this passcode does and does not do. This passcode is the same concept as the PIN Code you use to unlock your mobile phone, or the PIN code you can add to your Pera Mobile App specifically.

Your Pera Web Wallet passcode is used to unlock your wallet on this browser and this device ONLY. It will not work in incognito, on your friend's computer, or on your other tablet; and it will be lost forever if you clear your browser's cache! It does not back up the Algorand Accounts contained within it automatically, and it does not sync with Pera Mobile.

Name your account. This name is more like a nickname and it only applies on your web wallet - it will never be used on the blockchain or on any other wallet or website.

Your account is created! You can now add funds to it and start exploring your Pera Web Wallet!


Every account you create has its own recovery passphrase. These must be stored individually, with each one only granting access to one Algorand Account. Bulk backup is coming soon with the Algorand Secure Backup feature.

Pera Wallet is a non-custodial, self-custody wallet. This means only you have control of your account. Pera cannot help you if you lose access.

For more information please consult:

Algorand and Account Basics
Backing Up Your Recovery Passphrase

Updated on: 24/04/2023

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