Transfer ( Import and Export ) - Accounts Between Pera Web and Pera Mobile

Before You Begin

This tutorial will allow you to transfer accounts in bulk between Pera Web and Pera Mobile using the import and export features on each platform. This is useful if you already use one of the two products and want to swap, use both, or use one as a "backup" for the other.

If this is not what you are trying to do, you may be looking for:
Recover or Import an Algorand Account with Recovery Passphrase
Create a new Algorand Account
Backing up your recovery passphrase
Algorand Secure Backup

Supported Accounts

Currently, you can export any standard and rekeyed accounts from Mobile to Web.
You can export any standard accounts from Web to Mobile. Support for exporting rekeyed accounts is coming soon.
You cannot export or import Ledger-backed devices between Web and Mobile. These must be exported and imported directly from the Ledger.

Import Web Accounts to Mobile

Start on Pera Mobile.

If you are using Pera Mobile for the first time, click "I already have an account" and then "Import from Pera Web":

If you already have Algorand Accounts in your Pera Wallet, instead click the plus symbol at the top of your accounts list on Home Screen and follow the same steps:

Go to Pera Web, enter your passcode, go to Settings and click "Transfer to Pera Mobile":

Follow the instructions to generate your QR.

Scan the QR with Pera Mobile.

Your accounts are imported, and in the event of a problem importing any accounts, warnings or errors will be shown.

Import Mobile Accounts to Web

Start on Pera Web.

If you have not used Pera Web on your current browser (eg. Chrome) and device (eg. your Macbook) before, you will see the following screen - select Import from Pera Mobile:

Before you can create your Algorand Account, you need to set a passcode for your Pera Web Wallet. We recommend reading the Introduction to Pera Web Wallet to ensure you understand what this passcode does and does not do. This passcode is the same concept as the PIN Code you use to unlock your mobile phone, or the PIN code you can add to your Pera Mobile App specifically.

Your Pera Web Wallet passcode is used to unlock your wallet on this browser and this device ONLY. It will not work in incognito, on your friend's computer, or on your other tablet; and it will be lost forever if you clear your browser's cache! It does not back up the Algorand Accounts contained within it automatically, and it does not sync with Pera Mobile.

Get your QR on Pera Web.

Open Pera Mobile and click the QR Code Scanner button on the Home Screen.

Scan the QR from Pera Web.

Select the accounts to import on Pera Mobile.

Your accounts will be imported to Pera Web. In the event of a problem importing any accounts, warnings or errors will be shown.

Updated on: 24/04/2023

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